The IPX platform is a strategic tool for the financial industry helping weigh the IP implications of investments, mergers and acquisitions.


  • What companies hold strategically important IP for our business?
  • Which companies hold IP that could block my competitors?
  • What’s the ratio of IP-to-enterprise-value for each?


  • What companies have a need for our technology?
  • What’s the strategic direction of their competitors?
  • How can we increase our selling price by emphasizing our IP’s strategic value?

Equity Funds

  • Which mix of IP statistics are leading indicators of company performance?
  • What do the back-tested results of a given strategy look like?
  • How does this technology perform in a down market?

Special Opportunities Funds

  • Does a company’s IP value exceed its acquisition price?
  • What are the specified damages for known infringers?
  • Does the company have a small number of identified licensees?

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